Courses offered

We offer lipreading classes over thirty weeks in the year. They are arranged in ten week terms commencing in September, January and April. Each class is led by a professionally qualified tutor.

Conversation and social interaction are encouraged in a situation where background noise makes hearing more difficult. Our members have different levels of lipreading ability and individual progress is monitored by the tutor. This is not possible if the class gets too big. So the size is limited to 15 persons and from time to time this necessitates a waiting list.

The focus is on lipreading practice but we also cover:-

·        lipreading theory

·        finger spelling

·         getting the most out of your hearing aid/implant

·        useful extra equipment

·        hearing related problems and tactics

·        communication strategies

This is not a qualification course, so there are no exams.  The tutor runs the classes informally, so it's not like going back to school. She asks members to bring a notepad & pen and a folder to hold handouts.